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Natural Blood Sugar Control

Natural Blood Sugar Control

According to the CDC, 38% of the adult US population have high blood sugar levels and 48.8% of adults over the age of 65 have high blood sugar levels.  According to the American Diabetes Association, high blood sugars can be caused by:

  • Your body may have enough insulin, but it is not as effective as it should be.
  • You eat more than planned or exercised less than intended.
  • You have stress from an illness, such as a cold or flu.
  • You have other stress, such as family conflicts or school or relationship problems.
  • You may have experienced the dawn phenomenon (a surge of hormones that the body produces daily around 4:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m).

Experts indicate that healthy blood sugar levels are an important measure for everyone to monitor. Some lifestyle changes that may support already healthy blood sugar levels* may include:

Exercise: Physical activity uses sugar for energy and helps the body use insulin more effectively. Regular exercise also helps control weight.

Lose excess weight: Keeping your weight in a healthy range may reduce your risk of high blood sugars.

Eat healthy foods: Choosing foods low in fat and calories while also being high in fiber may help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Diets that include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and olive oil are associated with a lower risk of high blood sugars.

Stop smoking: Those who smoke are at a 30-40% higher risk of developing high blood sugars.

Stay consistent with your vitamins and supplements. Certain supplements may help support blood sugar levels.* These supplements include Cassia cinnamon, Flaxseed, Ginseng, Magnesium, oats and soy.


At CAM Formulas, we carry multiple natural supplements which may support healthy blood sugar levels*:

Blood Sugar Manager: Nature’s Way Blood Sugar Manager contains GTF Chromium, part of the glucose tolerance molecule, which may help your body respond to rising sugar levels naturally.*

Blood Sugar Wellness by Bio Nutrition is a blend of super fruit antioxidants, wild crafted herbs, and minerals designed to assist in the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels, promote insulin utilization, support pancreas function and contribute to overall health.*

Sugar Level Tea Bags May promote healthy sugar levels by combining white mulberry leaf, selfheal spike, cassia seed, atractylodes root, Solomon’s seal root, figwort root, and jasmine flower in a flavorful tea.*

At CAM Formulas, we have a large searchable selection of products by heath need.  A full list of vitamins and supplements that may aid in already healthy blood sugar levels* can be found here:*+sugar*


natures way blood sugar manager

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