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Enzymatic Supplements

Enzymes are essentially catalysts for most of the chemical reactions that occur within your body. From the production of new cells, to the digestion of food, enzymes are required to make the chemical reactions work. A good enzyme supplement can help your body thrive!

Frequently Asked Questions

Enzymatic supplements have been crafted to support the natural chemical reactions that occur inside the human body. From digestion to cell growth and repair, biological reactions require enzymes. CAMFormulas has a variety of enzyme supplements for men and women to help give the body the boost it needs.

What are enzymatic supplements?

Enzymatic supplements are primarily meant to aid with digestion. Such products include ingredients that mimic the effects of digestive enzymes to help with breaking down food properly, as well as enabling the body to absorb the required nutrition and convert it into energy.

What do enzyme supplements do?

Enzyme supplements are developed to help people digest and absorb nutrients from food. Digestive enzymes are required for breaking down the food a person eats. Saliva has digestive enzymes. Other organs such as the gallbladder, pancreas, and liver release digestive enzymes. However, some people don’t produce optimum levels of digestive enzymes, and enzyme supplements can help such people make up for the enzyme shortage.

Some people pair enzyme supplements with fiber supplements for better digestive health. Please consult your health provider if you have any concerns.

What are the best digestive enzymes?

Different types of enzymes target different nutrients in food. Amylase is responsible for breaking down starches and carbohydrates, proteins are broken down by protease, and fats in food are handled by lipase.

The best enzyme supplement for better digestive health should include ingredients that effectively mimic the naturally found digestive enzymes in the body. Do follow the dosage instructions, and don’t hesitate to consult your health provider if you’re thinking of pairing enzymatic supplements with other supplements, such as probiotic supplements.

What enzymatic supplements does CAMFormulas carry?

CAMFormulas offers a range of enzymatic supplements for men and women. Some enzyme supplement-producing brands that you will find with us are World Nutrition, Pure Encapsulations, Priority One, Ness Enzymes, Transformation Enzymes, True Botanica, and more.

CAMFormulas also offers a supplement subscription so you can have supplements delivered right to your doorstep.