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When you begin to think about all the elements that a child needs to survive, the mere thought can be overwhelming. From the vitamins and minerals needed to ensure healthy growth and development, to the nutrients required to build strong, healthy, bones teeth and skin, to the elements needed to develop optimal brain function and emotional development, the list of vitamins, minerals and nutrients read like the start of a chemistry book.

Add to the nightmare, the fact that most children have a mind of their own and often refuse to eat all sorts of fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods and it is a miracle that any children grow up to be strong and healthy.

In the past, mothers all around the world would argue, cajole, fight and threaten their kids every night. If you don't eat your carrots, you won't have great eyesight like the bunnies. Unlike the mothers of today, those mothers never had the advantages of modern chemistry and medicine.

Natural health and supplement companies have made our tasks as mothers a lot easier these days. These companies know which vitamins and minerals children need to grow and develop at optimal levels. Researchers have spent years studying the subject and they have spent even more years developing delicious chewable tablets or syrup versions of these nutrients, so that our kids not only get the nutrients they need, but they also love taking them.

Not that it means any mother can sit back and relax, but a high quality children's formula takes some of the worry out of being a modern mother.