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Blue Poppy Herbs & Supplements

Chinese Traditional medicine has a rich history that includes over 2000 years of experience in harnessing the power of nature to support health and to promote optimal well-being. Chinese Traditional medicine is still practiced extensively in the East and is becoming more and more accepted in the West as well. Trying to take advantage of the benefits of Chinese traditional herbals and botanicals is not however without its own set of challenges. The biggest challenge to applying this system of medicine to your own health and the health of your family, is trying to determine which herbs and botanicals are best suited to your circumstances.

The Blue Poppy Originals range of supplements has taken the research out of applying these herbs to your daily life. A full range of supplements designed specifically for supporting the body in different circumstances makes Blue Poppy Originals an excellent choice for applying Eastern medicine to Western culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Poppy has been creating herbs and supplements for almost 30 years based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practices. Utilizing only the highest quality materials, Blue Poppy is an industry leader focusing on its mission to educate Americans about the benefits of TCM.

What is the history of Blue Poppy herbs and supplements?

Blue Poppy was established in 1982 by first-generation Traditional Chinese Medicine pioneers Bob Flaws and Honora Wolfe to address the need for English-translated books about TCM. In those days, there was virtually no written material for students who wanted to learn about these ancient practices. As a result, Blue Poppy Enterprises started a publishing house with an extensive catalog of books while its founders began conducting educational seminars.

Once they addressed the issue of a lack of educational materials, Blue Poppy addressed another issue: the quality of herb materials and formulas for the ailments of patients in the US. Since then, Blue Poppy has developed high-quality herbal supplements alongside leaders like True Botanica.

Are Blue Poppy products high-quality?

Blue Poppy Chinese herbs are high-quality, as one of Blue Poppy Enterprises' goals was to provide higher-quality materials and herbs for the US markets. In fact, Blue Poppy supplements set the industry standard for quality and ethical manufacturing and procurement.

Blue Poppy herbs are checked by a trained Chinese medical pharmacognosist, while the bulk herb is tested for heavy metals and pesticides prior to production. These bulk herbs are re-inspected by production and a TCM pharmacist, then washed in distilled water for processing.

What are the Blue Poppy Original formulas?

Blue Poppy supplements are known for their Blue Poppy Original formulas, which are third-party tested and designed to support the health and wellness of patients. Derived from ancient and modern literature and research, Blue Poppy Original offers 31 patented formulas designed for common ailments. For example, Blue Poppy Original White Pearl may help symptoms of dry skin, including eczema and psoriasis. Other vitamins and minerals formulas include solutions for natural beauty and skincare.

Where can I buy Blue Poppy Chinese herbs?

You can purchase Blue Poppy Chinese herbs online or sign up for a supplement subscription through CAMFormulas. Our inventory of Blue Poppy herbs includes the following: