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Frequently Asked Questions

NutriDyn is a pioneer in the health supplements landscape. In business for nearly 50 years, NutriDyn offers a vast selection of health-boosting, science-based nutritional supplements backed by health care practitioners. Browse NutriDyn’s best-selling nutraceuticals and find products that can help you live a long and healthy life.

What are some of the most popular NutriDyn supplements?

NutriDyn offers a wide product selection in a variety of forms, including capsules, soft gels, health drink blends, and more. Some of NutriDyn’s most popular health supplements and products include proprietary blends of fruits and greens, powerful CoQ10 soft gels, and DHEA capsules. If you’re looking for supplements that support brain and memory support, immune system support, or cardiovascular health, NutriDyn offers a product for you.

Are NutriDyn products supported and approved by healthcare practitioners?

Healthcare practitioners trust and recommend NutriDyn to individuals seeking health supplements. If you need assistance selecting the right products for your needs, the team at CAMFormulas can help. Consult with our team of licensed pharmacists and certified herbalists to discuss your health needs. We can help you understand which NutriDyn supplements can best help you lead a full, healthy life.

How was NutriDyn created?

NutriDyn was born after founder David Peterson observed physicians recommending nutrition-based interventions and non-pharmaceutical methods to their patients. After seeing their impressive health results, he sought to create supplements and products that harness the power of natural ingredients. He began NutriDyn in 1973, and in the decades since, the company has been committed to improving quality of life through nutritional supplements.