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Benefits of Blue Poppy Supplements

Benefits of Blue Poppy Supplements

Cam Formulas proudly carries Blue Poppy Supplements.  Blue Poppy is a line of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) supplements that was founded in 1982 by Bob Flaws and Honora Wolfe with the primary goal being educational, and to bring TCM to America. After translating the recipes and associated literature to English, they created a line of supplements that adhere to the strict standards of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Some of the attributes in creating these supplements include:

  • Lab testing to confirm the identity of raw materials, and testing to determine the absence of microbiological contaminants and heavy metals.
  • Free from pharmaceuticals, dyes, and sugars
  • Vegetarian based capsules
  • All Supplements use natural ingredients to assist with TCM healing of specific ailments.

A highlight of some of these products include:

AllerEase: Airborne Allergy Supplement.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, those who are affected by airborne allergies suffer from a vacuity of defense qi.  The vacuity of the defensive qi in the body is caused by a chronically weak and vacuous spleen failing to aid the lungs and defensive qi.  AllerEase is a combination of Chinese herbs that aide in the supplemental support of lungs, spleen, and kidneys.

The Xin Yi Hua and Bo He herbs begin by opening the orifices to allow the nose to flow freely, relieving the symptoms of nasal congestion. The Chan Tui herb helps dispel wind from the body and alleviate itching. Jie Geng works to guide other medicinal herbs to the lungs, transforming phlegm alongside the Gan Jiang herb which warms the lungs. Finally, the Yi Yi Ren and Ze Xie herbs help Bai Zhu eliminate dampness in the body while Gan Cao harmonizes all of the medicines together and promote synergistic, effective healing.

AllerEase, Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM for allergy relief.

HyperQuell: Support for Already Healthy Blood Pressure*

HyperQuell capsules contain a blend of traditional Chinese herbs used to support already healthy blood pressure. Blood pressure is often associated with ascendant liver due to Qi and Yin dual vacuity along with blood stasis.  As blood pressure levels rise with age, patients can experience complications of vacuity.  HyperQuell addresses qi vacuity and blood stasis with a TCM natural herbs formula.

HyperQuell: Blue Poppy traditional Chinese medicine for hypertension and blood pressure

Change & Enrich: Support Healthy Hormonal Change*

Change & Enrich is a TCM supplement for those going through the change of life. According to TCM, during menopause women experience “qi stagnation, depressive heat in the heart spirit, and liver troubles.”  Change & Enrich supports health, mood and energy levels.  It is developed to support Yin Energy in the kidneys where hot flashes and insomnia are rooted.

Change & Enrich: Menopause and perimenopause supplement, Blue Poppy Traditional Chinese Medicine.
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