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What Vitamins & Supplements Should I Take?

Choosing the right vitamin and supplement can feel like a mystery. Does my body need this vitamin? Should I choose this potency or that potency? What's all in this supplement?

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Will it interact with my prescription medications? Is it going to help my body address the issue I'm experiencing?

We're here to help.  

We offer a holistic approach to medication and health. Our affiliate licensed pharmacists are available to help you understand how medications affect your body and how to improve your health with an integrated, personal approach to vitamins and supplements that are right for your needs.


We offer consultations with our affiliate Licensed Pharmacists and our Certified Herbalist to help you understand your whole health picture. 

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If you are taking prescription medications, especially over the course of many years, it is important to understand how these medications affect your body beyond addressing the health concerns they are prescribed for.

Our team publishes regular articles on Drug-Induced Nutrient Deficiencies - or the nutrient depletion that occurs in your body as a result of taking certain prescription drugs over a period of time. You can find information on specific conditions or specific medication-related deficiencies, such as 

Our affiliate Licensed Pharmacists are available for virtual consultations (email, video call) to discuss your current medications, the nutrients that are lost with usage of those medications, and suggest a specific vitamin for improving your health. 

Interested in homeopathic remedies or herbal remedies? Our Certified Herbalist is available for virtual consultations (email, video call) to help you uncover how herbal extracts and homeopathic medicines can address your specific health concerns, guiding you to make the best choice for what you need.


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