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How Colloidal Silver Kills Germs

How Colloidal Silver Kills Germs


Bacteria are all around us. Some are good and some are bad. Almost 99% of the good gut bacteria in our stomachs are anaerobic. This means that they don’t need oxygen to survive. This is in contrast to the bad bacteria, which are anaerobic. These bacteria need oxygen in order to survive. Colloidal silver is one of the most powerful tools that we have to fight against bad bacteria. A key reason has to do with size. It is the small, nanometer size of the silver ion that is able to suffocate the enzyme that the bad bacteria and viruses use to create oxygen. Unlike prescription antibiotics that are toxic and have side effects, colloidal silver and ionic silver are completely harmless.

Size Does Matter

Some bacteria are as big as 1000 nanometers. Yet, the biggest virus is still smaller than the tiniest bacteria. A normal human red blood cell is 10,000 nanometers. A typical silver ion is 8.4 nanometers. However, they can be as small as 1.9 nanometers. So, how small is a nanometer? Well, if you take a single strand of human hair and pretend that the width of that hair is equal to one mile, then a pea placed inside that mile would be one nanometer. The body fights bad bacteria using white blood cells. However, bacteria can overwhelm a white blood cell. They can gang up on it, attaching themselves to its outer lining and boring into it. They will eventually eat away at the nucleus of the white blood cell and kill it. So, let’s say that you have a bacterial or a viral infection. The key is to target the problem area. You can do this topically with ionic silver. You can also apply it topically for the nose, eyes, ears and mouth. Colloidal silver is most effective internally. It is not affected by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Internally or externally, the process of how colloidal silver defeats the bad bacteria is nearly the same. Let’s say that you cut your finger, and it gets infected. Use spray ionic silver on it and watch the magic start. Ionic silver has a slight positive charge. This means that it automatically seeks out the negatively charged virus or fungus. Millions and millions of tiny silver ions find and kill the bacteria by suffocating the enzyme that they use to create oxygen. Ionic silver does this without creating any toxicity.

The Herxheimer Effect 

The bacteria die-off that occurs as a result of the treatment with colloidal or ionic silver is discharged naturally. If you are severely ill and take an enormous amount of colloidal silver, you may temporarily feel ill. You will feel as if you have flu symptoms. This is due to what is known as the Herxheimer effect. As a result of the Herxheimer effect, we may feel worse before we feel better. It is a short-term reaction to the body’s detoxification. Even though it might not feel like it, these feeling are a good sign. They occur as a reaction to the killing off of the bad bacteria. The Herxheimer effect is also referred to as “die off syndrome.” The Herxheimer reaction is commonly seen when you start taking colloidal or ionic silver. It is a sign that the treatment is working. Here are the most commons symptoms of the Herxheimer effect as it relates to colloidal or ionic silver:
  • Headaches
  • Itchiness and rashes
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Hot flushes
In most cases, these symptoms will last for a few days and then dissipate as your body kills off the bad bacteria and they are removed from your body. The vast majority of people will have only a mild reaction. Some people, however, will experience a more severe reaction to the killing off of their bad bacteria. This may include people who have suffered from multiple sclerosis, and Lyme disease. Not all people who take colloidal silver will experience the Herxheimer effect. If you do, recognize it for what it is. Rather than a discouraging sign, it is a confirmation that the colloidal silver you are taking is killing off the bacteria.


Colloidal silver is an amazing compound that has a whole host of positive effects on the human body. As well as aiding in balancing out our pH levels, it has the power to destroy the bad bacteria that cause illness and infection. If you feel a mild negative reaction to taking colloidal silver, hang in there; it is proof positive that the compound is working for you.
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