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NeuroScience Supplements

Established in the Saint Croix River Valley near Osceola, Wisconsin in 2000 as a privately-owned professional grade dietary supplement company, NeuroScience began offering proprietary blends of amino acids designed specifically to provide precursors for nervous system molecules called neurotransmitters.

After nearly two decades, NeuroScience is recognized as a top pro-grade brand delivering premium products containing amino acids, botanicals, vitamins, and minerals exclusively to thousands of licensed healthcare providers.

Product Quality Process Statement

NeuroScience embraces the expectations of a rigorously regulated professional grade supplement brand. In addition to using FDA-inspected manufacturers that are cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) compliant, NeuroScience orders impartial third-party testing to verify label ingredient amounts are met, inspect for microbial contaminants, and test for heavy metal contamination. We believe our comprehensive Quality Management System ensures consistent products that deliver consistent results.

Frequently Asked Questions

NeuroScience is a pro-grade supplement brand that offers premium products. Their products are formulated on the fact that symptoms are multifactorial and that your health depends on your nervous, endocrine, and immune systems together. NeuroScience products contain many supplements in one to support these systems to promote better health and wellness.

Is NeuroScience supplements a good brand?

NeuroScience is a professional-grade brand that delivers premium supplements rich in amino acids, botanicals, vitamins, and minerals. All of NeuroScience’s products are formulated with a multi-system approach to align with their proposition that health is maintained between the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems.

Their belief that true health depends on the optimal function of all of these systems is demonstrated in their product lineup, as they favor comprehensive blends of ingredients to offer more benefits than a single supplement.

What types of health concerns do NeuroScience products target?

NeuroScience’s approach to healthcare means that they focus not only on providing customers with one health benefit per supplement; rather, they provide multiple benefits by combining healthy ingredients that support nervous, endocrine, and immune system function. The top health concerns NeuroScience supplements target are:

  • Adrenal
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Cognition
  • Energy
  • Gut Health
  • Immune
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Weight Management

How does NeuroScience ensure the quality of their products?

NeuroScience ensures the quality of their supplements by using FDA-inspected manufacturers that are cGMP compliant. Not only that, but they order unbiased third-party testing to verify their NeuroScience vitamins ingredient amounts are met, inspect for contaminants, and test for heavy metals.

How do I order NeuroScience products?

Ordering NeuroScience supplements is easy. You can shop any one of our brands, including Apiceuticals, Blue Poppy Originals, and NeuroScience. With CAMFormulas, you can even shop by health condition. Then, all you have to do is order online or sign up for a supplement subscription to have your products shipped right to your door.

Here are just a few of the NeuroScience products we carry:

  • ExcitaPlus: Contains ingredients that may support adrenal health and reduce fatigue.
  • Calm CP: May decrease cortisol levels and induce calm, sleep, and management of blood sugar
  • AdreCor: May reduce stress-induced fatigue and improve alertness.
  • Gabatrex: May help reduce stress, thanks to the amino acid L-theanine.