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apiceuticals honey balm propolis & beeswax


Superfood for the Skin

Propolis & Beeswax Balms

Packed with bioactive natural oils which work in synergy. APICEUTICALS BALMS trade secret formulas have been developed with carefully selected bioactive ingredients in high concentrations, which act synergistically with each other. The absolute lack of water makes this synergistic action supremely effective, providing a multitude of benefits to the skin. 

Honey Balms Made for Sensitive Skin

Our aim is to provide cosmetics that are absolutely safe, non-toxic, and truly effective on your skin, going beyond the industry-standard tests. APICEUTICALS BALMS are Dermatologically Tested on Sensitive skin with absolutely 0% in causing any skin’s conditions.  0% Irritations | 0% Redness | 0% Oedema (QUACS Lab, Athens, 2019)

Wrapped in Sustainable Packaging

Made with FSC certified paper. No glue/No plastic. Recycled glass. Bee-Ecosystem friendly.