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Wild Coriander Oil 30 ml by Physician's Strength


Wild Coriander Oil 30 ml

Records dating back to 5000 BC can be found regarding the use of coriander, which means it is one of the world's oldest recorded spices. Coriander seeds are produced from the cilantro plant, and coriander and cilantro have a number of health benefits.

Coriander seeds and the oil produced from coriander seeds may be used to help promote and support optimal blood sugar levels. These seeds may encourage the secretion of insulin to help regulate blood sugar levels in the body. Coriander seeds may also offer excellent antioxidant properties. As an antioxidant, coriander seeds may provide protection from free radical damage.

The Wild Coriander Oil supplement from Physician's Strength offers you top quality coriander oil that you can use to help support and promote overall health and wellbeing.

One or several drops under the tongue or in juice/water. Add to food to enliven any dish.

Coriander is the cilantro seed.


Ingredients:Olive oil-extra virgin