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Ultra Slim Tea Orange Ginseng 24 Bags by Hobe Labs


Ultra Slim Tea Orange Ginseng 24 Bags

Ultra Slim Teas are 100% natural herbal teas that make a delicious caffeine-free, low calorie beverage and an effective addition to your dietary plan.

When taken hot or cold after meals, these specially formulated teas help speed up digestion which contributes to weight loss. They gently assist the digestive system by stimulating peristaltic action of the intestinal tract.

Mild lubricating herbs encourage the elimination of excess waste and toxins without side effects such as nervousness, cramping or digestive upset. Each box includes a 7-day balanced diet plan for nutritious meal planning tips.

Directions: For a delicious cup of Ultra Slim Tea Orange Spice, steep one tea bag in a cup of boiling water 2-5 minutes to desired strength and taste. Drink after main meals. Do not exceed 2 cups per day. For best taste, Do Not Oversteep!

Ingredients: Senna, Mallow (Malva), Ginseng, Licorice as a Natural Sweetener, Natural Orange Flavor, Natural Spice Blend Flavor.