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True Life Reservoir 2.6 oz by True Botanica


True Life Reservoir 2.6 oz

Your body requires a host of nutrients to support and promote health. Rather than a constant stream, the body often requires varying amounts of these nutrients on a daily basis, and in some cases, nutrients may only be required on an as-needed basis. The body has therefore devised mechanisms for storing certain nutrients which it can access as and when needed.

Rudolf Steiner called this process and the areas that encourage the storage of certain nutrients reservoirs. According to Steiner, when these reservoirs malfunction, certain health conditions may result, such as fatigue. Steiner also found that calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate play a vital role in how well these reservoirs function.

The True Life Reservoir supplement by True Botanica is a supplement designed to be added to daily food intake, much in the same way one would add salt and pepper, help support the reservoir system to ensure the body has access to the nutrients needed to support and promote health.

Suggested Use:
1/8 tsp. three times daily, or as suggested by your health care provider.

Serving size: 1/8 teaspoon
Servings/container: 165

Amt per Serving % DAily vAlue
Calcium Reservoir‰ã¢450 mg ‰ÛÊ
(a proprietary mix of rhythmically prepared
calcium carbonate and calcium tri-phosphate)

Other ingredients: FrutaFitå¨-Inulin.
‰ÛÊ contains less than 1% of cAlcium DAily vAlue.

Please keep in mind that the calcium mentioned here is intended for the support of the general nutritional forces and is not an adequate source of nutritional calcium. For a calcium supplementation as such use the Calcium AM/PMTM form