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Testo Quench for Women 120 vegetarian capsules by Douglas Laboratories


Testo Quench for Women 120 vegetarian capsules

A number of herbs and plants have been used for thousands of years to support and promote optimal female health and wellbeing. Science has shown that a number of plants are phytoantiandrogens. This means that they have the ability to regulate and maintain healthy hormone levels within the body. Since male and female hormones differ in composition and in function, the supplement to promote healthy female hormone function is different from the supplement required to support male hormonal health and function.

The Testo Quench for Women supplement by Douglas Laboratories is scientifically formulated to help support and promote optimal hormonal function in women. It contains Paeonia root extract, Fenugreek seed, Saw Palmetto berry extract, fennel seed, Pygeum africanum extract, nettle leaf extract, and Chaste tree berry to provide optimal support for healthy hormonal function in women.

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