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T Cell Formula 60 capsules by Ecological Formulas


T Cell Formula 60 capsules by Ecological Formulas

The thymus gland is a part of the endocrine system, but unlike most of the other endocrine glands, the thymus has more to do with supporting a healthy immune system than the regulation of functions in the body. The thymus plays a vital role in training T cells to recognize and neutralize pathogens and other threats to the body.

It is therefore important to support the health and the function of the thymus gland to help to ensure a healthy immune system and to ensure effective immune response to protect the body.

The T Cell Formula capsules by Ecological Formulas provide a combination of vitamin C, ABGland Lymph extract, and ABGland Thymus extract to provide for simple daily supplementation.

Serving Size 2 CAPSULES
Servings Per Container 30

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value

Vitamin C(Ascorbic Acid) 50 Mg 80%
Abgland thymus (OVINE) 175 Mg N/A*
Abgland lymph (BOVINE) 125 Mg N/A*

* Daily value not established

Other Ingredients:gelatin, Cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide

Keep out of reach of children.

Delivery Type: Capsules - Non-vegetarian