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Sphingolin MS 240 Capsules by Ecological Formulas


Sphingolin MS 240 Capsules by Ecological Formulas

Nervous system cells are the messengers of the body and they are responsible for regulating the rest of the functions of the body. Each nerve cell must be able to transmit nervous system signals efficiently. Nervous system cells are covered by a structure called the myelin sheath and this sheath is vital for supporting the transmission of nerve impulses and for regulating the rate at which signals are transmitted. It is important to ensure the myelin sheath is healthy in order to support nervous system function.

The Sphingolin capsules by Ecological Formulas provide 200 mg of top quality myelin sheath extract for supplementation purposes.

Myelin Sheath
Vitamin C
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) Each capsule contains:
Myelin Sheath extract 200 mg (from bovine spinal cord)
Ascorbic acid 30 mg

Other Ingredients:
Microcrystalline cellulose
Silicon dioxide
Stearic acid

Dietary Specifications: Wheat Free
Soy Free
Yeast Free
Corn Free
Egg Free
Delivery Type: Capsules - Non-vegetarian