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Sinus Netirinse bottlewith 6 packets by Xlear

by Xlear

Sinus Netirinse bottlewith 6 packets

The specially-made positive pressure rinse bottle is one of the easiest nasal irrigation systems to use. But some may ask, why even use an irrigation system?

An irrigation system is used to thoroughly rinse out the nasal and sinuses passageways. These places often get overloaded with airborne contaminants like bacteria, pollen, and dust. The body attempts to get rid of these pollutants which often times leads you with congestion and other flu symptoms.

The nasal rinse cleans the passages, relieving the body of these contaminants. Besides the special bottle, the solution offers the many benefits of xylitol, which is a special moisturizing and cleansing agentnot to mention that its a natural sweetener too.

Now you can start breathing better and also promote more upper respiratory health through simple means.

Directions: Using your Xlear Positive Pressure Sinus Rinse Bottle is easy, just follow this step-by-step process:

Thoroughly clean your Xlear Sinus Rinse bottle with soap & water or place into dishwasher on the top shelf. Be sure to rinse the rinse bottle completely with sterilized or purified water.
Prepare the sinus wash solution by mixing to 1 packet of the Xlear Sinus Care Solution powder into 8 to 10 ounces of purified or sterilized water that is at body temperature. Care should be taken to ensure that the water temperature is not too hot to avoid damaging delicate sinus tissues. Mix the solution thoroughly until all of the powder is fully dissolved.
Fill the Xlear Sinus Rinse bottle with your prepared nasal wash. Insert the clear tube into the underside of the nozzle and twist nozzle onto bottle to form a tight seal.
While standing over the sink or a basin, tilt your head forward.
Press your finger against the side of your nose to close off one nostril.
Insert the tip of the Xlear Sinus Care Rinse bottle into the other nostril.
Squeeze the bottle (gently but gradually increasing the pressure without being so aggressive to cause pain) and slowly breathe in through your nose. Allow the solution to be pulled up into the nasal passagewayand then drain out again.
Remove the bottle and breathe out through your mouth.
Repeat for the other nostril.
Gently blow your nose through both nostrils to clean them.
Wash your Xlear Sinus Rinse bottle after use. Disassemble the nozzle and tube to ensure that you can clean them thoroughly. All parts of the Xlear Sinus Rinse bottle and nozzle are dishwasher safe, or you can hand-wash them using warm water and dish soap. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.

Supplement Facts

Amount Per Serving %DV
Xylitol 4,000mg
Celtic Sea Salt 1,500
Sodium Bicarbonate 500mg

*Daily Value Not Established.
Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Warnings: The nasal rinse is not a substitute for medical treatment. If your symptoms persist or you have chronic sinus, ear, nose or throat condition, consult your doctor or health care provider.