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Rx Clay for Pets 100 gram Clay Vitamins


Rx Clay for Pets 100 gram Clay Vitamins

There are few things more disturbing than a sick animal. To help your pet return to health it is often necessary to supplement the diet with nutrients that can help to encourage a speedy recovery. Your pet needs all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it can get to recover and diarrhea can deplete your pet's ability to obtain these vitamins and minerals. Ensuring healthy digestion and regular, healthy stools can help to ensure your pet is able to obtain the nutrients it needs from the food it eats.

The Rx Clay supplement by Rx Vitamins for Pets offers you top quality Hydrated Calcium Aluminosilicate that helps to support the gastrointestinal tract by increasing reabsorption of intraluminal water and by normalizing stool quality. If your pet is suffering from diarrhea, then an investment in this supplement may be an investment in supporting and promoting your pet's recovery from illness.

Suggested Use:
Small Dogs and Cats: 1-2 scoops twice daily
20-50 lbs.: 3 scoops twice daily
50-100 lbs.: 4 scoops twice daily

1 Scoop (1/8 teaspoon) Contains:

Hydrated Calcium Aluminosilicate Clay 500 mg

Consult your healthcare before use.