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PRO Mega Menses 1oz by Newton Homeopathics


PRO Mega Menses 1oz

Formulated for symptoms such as prolonged or heavy menses and pelvic pain.

 Ages 12 and up, take 6 drops by mouth one to four times daily or as directed by a health professional.

Active Ingredients: Equal parts of Apis mellifica 6x, Hamamelis virginiana 6x, Hydrastis canadensis 6x, Aletris farinosa 15x, Apocynum cannabinum 15x, Cinchona officinalis 15x, Cinnamomum 15x, Conium maculatum 15x, Helonias dioica 15x, Lilium tigrinum 15x, Millefolium 15x, Phosphorus 15x, Secale cornutum 15x, Thlaspi bursa-pastoris 15x, Trillium pendulum 15x.

Liquid Inactive Ingredients: USP Purified water; USP Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic cane alcohol 20%.

Dietary Considerations:
Gluten Free Liquid