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Pan-8-Supreme 125 mg 90 capsules by Ecological Formulas


Pan-8-Supreme 125 mg 90 capsules by Ecological Formulas

The pancreas is the primary organ responsible for ensuring you can break down the foods you eat into the nutrients that can be used by the body. The pancreas produces the digestive enzymes that are vital for transforming proteins into their amino acid structures that can be used as building blocks of the body. The pancreas is also responsible for producing the lipase that breaks down dietary fats into fatty acids, and it produces the amylase and other enzymes that break down sugars and carbohydrates into the glucose building blocks needed for energy. It is therefore vital to support the pancreas and the production of digestive enzymes to support digestion and overall health.

The Pan-8-Supreme capsules by Ecological Formulas provide pancreatin 8x and other digestive enzymes to support digestion.

Delivery Type: Capsules - Non-vegetarian