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HP8 70 capsules by American BioSciences


HP8 70 capsules

Researchers Discover Why Most Prostate Supplements are a Waste of Money If youre like a lot of men, youve discovered that many prostate products are a complete waste of money. Even if you take a fistful of supplements everyday, these products often dont provide the results youre looking for. Or even worse, they can leave you with embarrassing, feminizing side effects. And heres a critical fact about prostate compounds that NO ONE has told you: You may be mixing the wrong supplements together for prostate healthand theyre canceling each other out! But the good news is, scientists in Australia uncovered a breakthrough and used their technique to create a unique and powerful prostate formulaHP8. HP8 was researched by a team of scientists from the prestigious Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australiahome to one of the worlds foremost phytochemistry research facilities. Utilizing their new scientific technique for analyzing how individual herbs work together, they were shocked to discover that many herbs_when combined in a formulation actually cancel each other out! So taking fistfuls of supplementsor a formula that combines several prostate herbs togetherdoes not necessarily mean theyll accomplish what you need them to do. HP8 is one of the worlds most scientifically advanced prostate supplements The Australian researchers isolated and analyzed the activity of many herbs. After several painstaking years, their search was complete. They isolated 8 of the safest, most potent and highly effective natural compounds needed for prostate health. Why is HP8 different from every other prostate formula out there? The reason is this: Exhaustive scientific analysis proves that each and every one of the 8 ingredients in HP8 works synergistically together, providing maximum prostate health and giving you back full control: Works almost immediately. Youll feel noticeable results in just days! No feminizing side effects Manufactured to stringent pharmaceutical industry standards at an Australian Government-approved facility And thats just the beginning of the benefits. Because if youve ever taken a long car ride and sped up to get to the next rest area in timeor rushed back to the clubhouse when playing 18 holesor had too many sleepless nightsthen theres a good chance your prostate has taken control of your life.

For many years, your prostate has worked hard for you So hard, in fact, that you never even thought twice about it. But almost every man, at some point in his life, needs to pay extra attention to it. Whether its due to age or hormones, the prostate needs added support to function properly so you can stop thinking about itand enjoy life! Luckily, thats exactly what HP8 can do for you. With the benefits of HP8, your prostate cant control your life! From now on, just take HP8and you, too, can "go with the flow.

Suggested Use:
For maximum benefit take 2 capsules in the morning and two capsules at night, with a large glass of water, at least one hour before or after food, or other supplements or medication.

Serving Size: 2 capsules (1414 mg)
Servings Per Container: 35

Amount per Serving:
Calories 5
Total carbohydrates 1 g
Total sugars 0.3 g
Proprietary Blend 1414 mg
Saw Palmetto berry (Serenoa repens)
Bromelains powder 2400 GDU
Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
Willow Herb leaf (Epilobium parviflorum)
Grape complex seed and skin (Vitis vinifera)
Wild Rosella calyx (Hibiscus subdariffa)
Passionfruit seed (Passiflora edulis)
Selenium (from selenium yeast)

Other Ingredients:
Silica colloidal, calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate.

Keep out of reach of children.
Not intended for women or children.
If you are taking anticoagulant or blood pressure medication or are being treated for liver, heart or kidney disorders, consult with a health care professional