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GUNA-IL 10 1 fl oz by GUNA Biotherapeutics


GUNA-IL 10 1 fl oz

Cytokines are messengers that the immune system uses to regulate wound healing, infection control, and inflammation. Certain cytokines stimulate inflammation and wound healing while other cytokines play a role in controlling and reducing the inflammatory response.

IL10, or interleukin 10, is a cytokine that plays a role in inhibiting the inflammatory process and is known as an anti-inflammatory cytokine. Increasing levels of IL10 in the body can therefore help to regulate or reduce inflammation.

The GUNA IL 10 preparation by GUNA Biotherapeutics provides a low dose of cytokine in the form of IL10 to help to provide support for individuals suffering from chronic pain as a result of chronic inflammation.

Interleukin (homeopathic)

Ingredients:Alcohol (ethanol)

Delivery Type: Liquid