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GUNA-BDNF 30 ml by GUNA Biotherapeutics



The brain is an amazing organ that produces a number of its own chemicals that are vital for supporting both brain function, growth, and development. The brain contains genes called BDNF genes. BDNF, or brain derived neurotrophic factors, are compounds that promote the production of compounds that support the growth and development of neurons in the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.

Memory, learning, and cognition rely on the function of the neurons in the brain and central nervous system. BDNF therefore plays a role in supporting long term memory and cognitive function.

The GUNA-BDNF Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor by GUNA Biotherapeutics provides low dose cytokines in the form of BDNF to support healthy cognitive function.

Suggested Use:
Adults and children 12 years and older- take 20 drops twice a day in a little water. Hold in mouth for about 30 seconds then swallow.
Children between 12 years and 6 years- 10 drops twice a day in a little water. Hold in the mouth for 30 seconds then swallow.
Children under 6 years- 5 drops twice a day in a glass of water.

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