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GUNA-Anti IL 1 1 fl oz by GUNA Biotherapeutics


GUNA-Anti IL 1 1 fl oz

There a number of compounds that helps to regulate and control the bodys response to pain, inflammation, and infection. Cytokines is a collective name for a group of compounds that play a role in your immune systems response to injury and infection. These compounds play a role in the signals sent from one cell to another and they support the communication of the immune system within your body.

Pain and inflammation often occur as a result of the cytokines in the body which stimulate the immune system to move toward certain areas of the body. The regulating and control of cytokines can therefore help to regulate pain, swelling, and inflammation.

The GUNA AntiIL preparation by GUNA Biotherapeutics provides a low dose of cytokines to help provide relief from pain and fever.


Ingredients:Alcohol (ethanol)

Delivery Type: Liquid