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RET Gallbladder 1 oz by Professional Complementary Health Formulas


RET Gallbladder 1 oz

Temporarily relieves resentment, bitterness, self-pity, hopelessness, pessimism, self-perfection, dread, or anxiousness.*

Recommended Dosage: Place drops under the tongue 30 minutes before/after meals. Adults and children 12 years and over: Take 5 drops up to 4 times per day for up to one month. Consult a physician for use in children under 12 years of age.

Serving Size: 5 Drops

Active Ingredients:
Gorse flower essence 3X
Rock water flower essence 3X
Willow flower essence 3X
Kali phosphoricum 3X
Kali phosphoricum 6X
Kali phosphoricum 30X
and all the following at 30X, 100X, 200X:
Cuprum metallicum
Lachesis mutus
Lycopodium clavatum
Natrum muriaticum

Base Ingredients: 20% ethanol, purified water.

Gluten Free, Hypoallergenic