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Fura-Mag 90 capsules by Interplexus


Fura-Mag 90 capsules

Magnesium Fumarate is readily metabolized for high absorption in a low molecular weight organic salt for great efficiency in the Krebs' cycle, perhaps our most fundamental energy-releasing pathway.

Magnesium is an essential mineral nutrient for life and is present in every cell type in every organism.

Magnesium is necessary for the formaiton of bone and teeth and for normal nerve and muscle function. It is also essential for cell energy production. Many enzymes in the body depend on magnesium to function normally.

The value of Magnesium supplements is dependent upon both their absorption efficiency and bioavailability. The U.S. RDI for Magnesium was established with the understanding that this mineral was absorbed with an estimated efficiency of about 30%. For instance, the RDI for Magnesium is 400 mg. This means, under desired optimal conditions with 400 mg of Magnesium in the diet, we should absorb 120 mg. It is this amount, the 120 mg of absorbed Magnesium, that has been deemed to be the amount that is necessary to fulfill our basic metabolic needs.

Suggested Use:
Take 1- 3 capsules daily 15 minutes before meals or as directed.

If pregnant, consult your physician before using this or any other product.

Do not use if seal is broken.

Keep out of reach of children.