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Foaming Pet Cleanser 8 oz by Citrus Magic

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Foaming Pet Cleanser 8 oz

Citrus Magic's Foaming Pet Cleanser is the perfect cleaning product to use for hard-to-bathe pets. Ferrets, hamsters, rabbits, kittens - the vegetable-based enzymes work effectively to remove odors but are gentle enough to use on small animals. The Foaming Pet Cleanser is also a great way to help remove odors from your pet's coat in between regular washes.

This 8 oz. bottle features an easy-to-use, foaming pump which dispenses the cleanser into your hand allowing you to easily work it through your pet's coat.

Directions: Gently pump foam into the palm of your hand. Spread foam completely over area of pet's coat to be cleaned. For stains, allow 30 seconds before wiping. Gently wipe area with cloth to remove stains and speed drying. Repeat for stubborn stains or odors.

Ingredients: Water, Vegetable Enzyme Complex, Vegetable (Coconut/Sugar Beet)-Derived Surfactants.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children.