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Culturelle Kids Powder 30 Count

#1 Pediatrician Recommended Probiotic Brand

Kids' Probiotics Developed With Science, Trusted By Moms

Lactobacillus GG - the ingredient in Culturelle Kids Packets Daily Probiotic Formula - is clinically proven to help reduce occasional tummy troubles (like diarrhea and occasional digestive upset) by helping to restore the balance of good and not-so-good bacteria in children's digestive systems.* Taken regularly, Culturelle Kids Packets Daily Probiotic Formula actually help your child's digestive tract to work better and supports a healthy immune system.*

Happy Tummies, Healthy Kids, Relaxed Parents. Support your kids' natural defenses and keep their digestive system happy with Culturelle Kids probiotics.*

Benefits of Culturelle Kids Packets Daily Probiotic Formula with Lactobacillus GG

Contains 100% naturally sourced Lactobacillus GG - the #1 most clinically studied probiotic
Supports a child's health by fostering the proper balance of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract*
Helps support kids' natural immune systems*
Helps reduce occasional digestive upset in kids - including diarrhea or general discomfort*
Culturelle Kids Packets Daily Probiotic Formula are easy to take (especially for little ones)
Flavorless, so you can add your child's probiotics to any cool liquid or food
Contains none of the following: gluten,? dairy,?? lactose, milk, added colors, preservatives, yeast or soy

Directions: For Children 1 to 3: Empty entire contents of one (1) probiotic packet into cool food or drink. Mix until dissolved. Do not add to warm or hot food or beverage. Take one (1) probiotic packet daily to support digestive and immune health. To alleviate occasional digestive distress, take two (2) packets per day. If taking 2 packets, take one in the morning and one in the evening. If conditions persist, consult your physician. Culturelle Kids Probiotic can be taken with or without food at any time of day. This product should not be used by those with immune problems unless directed by a physician.

For Kids 3 and Up: We recommend Culturelle Kids Chewables Daily Probiotic Formula for bigger kids. Take as directed on package.

For Children Over 100 lbs: Try Culturelle Digestive Health Probiotic Capsules or Chewables instead. Take as directed on package.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Packet
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving %DV
Lactobacillus GG 5 billion Cells *

*Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: Mannitol, Inulin, Silicon dioxide

Warnings: Do not store above room temperature. Refrigeration is not required, but will ensure maximum potency and shelf life. Do not expose to excessive heat, humidity, or direct sunlight.