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Chrysolith Pentas TMS 1.86 oz by True Botanica


Chrysolith Pentas TMS 1.86 oz

Gems and gemstones have various qualities and traditional healers have relied on the properties of gems and gemstones for centuries to help support and promote optimal health and wellbeing. Chrysolith is a green-colored gemstone, also known as peridot. It is one of the few gemstones that only appears in one color in nature, namely green.

In terms of the philosophy and research conducted by Rudolf Steiner, Chrysolith may be useful in supporting and promoting ocular structure and health. Chrysolith may be used to support the entire visual tract to ensure your eyes and the structures of the eyes remain healthy.

The Chrysolith Pentas TMS 1.67 oz by True Botanica is a top-quality, rhythmically prepared homeopathic preparation that you can rely on to support and promote optimal visual tract health and function.

Suggested Use:
20 drops (1 ml, 1/5 tsp) one to three times daily or as suggested by your health care provider.

Serving size: 20 drops
Servings/container: 50

Amt per Serving % DAily vAlue
Chrysolith Pentas ��(a proprietary, rhythmically 1 ml *
prepared dilution of chrysolith in distilled water;
contains <1ppm of chrysolith)
Trace Minerals 10 mg *

Other ingredients: Distilled water, Citric Acid, Potassium sorbate.
* DAily vAlue iSnot DetermineD