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Cha de Bugre Liquid Extract 1 oz by Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories


Cha de Bugre Liquid Extract 1 oz

Cha de Bugre is well know on the beaches of Brazil as a weight loss aid. It decreases appetite, reduces cellulite, and acts as a diuretic. It is also considered a cardiotonic1 that stimulates circulation. It is a useful antiviral, especially when tested against herpes virus, which showed to reduce virus penetration by 99 percent. Scientists also discovered it to have toxic activity against cancer cells, (demonstrating 40 percent inhibition). It is also used to relieve coughs, regulate renal function, and, traditionally, is applied externally to heal wounds.

Laboratory analysis found Cha de Bugre to contain caffeine, potassium, allantoin and allantoic acid. Allantoic Acid is reported to help reduce body fat in people who are overweight and in combination with allantoic acid may explain its impact on cellulite. The berries of Cha de Bugre contain caffeine.

Directions: Use 10-15 drops mixed with water thirty minutes to an hour before meals or as recommended by a practitioner.

INGREDIENTS: Extracted in distilled water and 40% organic grain alcohol.

Warnings: Contains natural zanthine like caffeine.

Contraindications: None known.