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Calcium with Vitamin D3 180 vegetarian capsules by Pure Encapsulations


Calcium with Vitamin D3 180 vegetarian capsules

Highly absorbable calcium combined with vitamin D3 to support bone and colon health; may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Your body requires a constant source of different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to promote overall health and wellbeing. A lot of these minerals and nutrients are not effective on their own. Your body needs vitamin D, for example, to be able to absorb sufficient calcium.

Calcium is abundantly available from natural dietary sources like cheese, milk, and yogurt but your body needs between 1000mg and 2000mg of calcium daily to meet its overall health needs. Vitamin D is produced by the body when you are exposed to direct sunlight, but the body only produces limited amounts of vitamin D.

While it is possible to get your vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and calcium from natural sources, it can be really difficult to ensure you are getting sufficient amounts of these minerals and vitamins. Considering how important these minerals are, why take the risk of a deficiency?

The Calcium with Vitamin D3 supplement from Pure Encapsulations offers you top-quality calcium and vitamin D3 in a simple, convenient capsule that you can take daily to ensure your body always has sufficient sources of both of these vital nutrients.

Suggested Use:
Take 2-6 capsules per day, in divided doses, with meals.

Amount Per Serving
Six vegetable capsules contain:
Calcium (as calcium citrate/malate)900 mg.
Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol)(D3)800 i.u.
Ascorbyl palmitate (fat-soluble vitamin C)48 mg.

Other Ingredients: vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water)

Recommendations: As a dietary supplement, take 2-6 capsules daily, in divided doses, with meals.

Tamper Resistant: Use only if the safety seal is intact.

Warning: If pregnant, consult your physician before taking this or any other product.

Keep out of the reach of children

Store sealed in a cool dry area