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BCAA 600 mg 90 vegetarian capsules by Pure Encapsulations


BCAA 600 mg 90 vegetarian capsules

Supports lean muscle mass and exercise recovery.

Branched-chain amino acids are special types of amino acids that do not get metabolized by the liver. There are over 500 different types of amino acids, all of them essential for various functions within the body. To build strong healthy muscles and muscle tissue, your body needs ample supplies of valine, leucine, and isoleucine.

If you are an aspiring athlete then you require copious amounts of valine, leucine, and isoleucine to build strong lean muscle mass. You could get your amino acids from the proteins you eat on a daily basis, but to ensure that you have sufficient quantities of these vital amino acids, a BCAA supplement from Pure Encapsulations makes it convenient and simple to get sufficient sources of these amino acids. As an athlete, an investment in this type of supplement is actually an investment in your future achievements.

Suggested Use:
Take 2-4 capsules per day, in divided doses, between meals.

Amount Per Serving
Each vegetable capsule contains:
branched-chain amino acids (free- form)600 mg.
I- leucine300 mg.
l- isoleucine150 mg.
l- valine150 mg

If pregnant or lactating, consult your physician before taking this product. Until more research is conducted, individuals with ALS, a history of depression, or kidney or liver disease should consult a doctor before supplementing with BCAAs.

Dietary Specifications: Wheat Free
Dairy/ Milk Free
Soy Free
Yeast Free
Starch Free
Preservative Free
Hydrogenated Oil-Free
Corn Free
Free of Artificial Colors/Flavors
Delivery Type: Vegetarian Capsules Users: Not specified

Frequently Asked Questions

BCAA capsules, or Branched-Chain-Amino-Acid capsules, are essential amino acids that the body requires for muscle development and growth. These amino acids are not produced by the body, which is why they need to be consumed for the proper synthesis of proteins, which are the building blocks of our body. At CAMFormulas, you can find BCAA capsules from reliable brands that can enable you to gain muscle and prevent fatigue.

What are BCAA capsules?

BCAA capsules are supplements of essential amino acids; typically, leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They are used to build muscles, prevent muscle wasting, and decrease muscle fatigue after exercise. BCAA capsules are designed so that an athlete’s body can fulfill its protein requirements conveniently without the hassle of eating protein-rich meals all day, every day.

How do BCAA capsules work?

The essential amino acids and Vitamin-B present in the capsules boost protein and amino acid metabolism, which, in turn, increase protein synthesis and reduce muscle fatigue. BCAA capsules are a type of protein supplement that can decrease the wear and tear of muscles and increase muscle mass.

When should I take BCAA capsules?

It is usually recommended to take the capsules 15 minutes prior to working out. The capsules can also be taken immediately after the workout to decrease post-workout muscle fatigue. You can also pair up BCAA capsules with workout recovery products for a more effective workout regime.

What’s better: BCAA capsules or powder?

BCAA powders and capsules are both equally effective. It is just a matter of preference. People who wish to consume the supplements as a drink can opt for the powder, while others who prefer swallowing a pill can go for the capsules.

You can also take protein powders along with BCAA capsules or powder, as they can increase muscle tone, mass, and overall bodybuilding.