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ACS 200 Extra Strength 1 oz Nasal Spray 1 oz by Results RNA


ACS 200 Extra Strength 1 oz Nasal Spray 1 oz

Silver has been used for thousands of years as a natural antibiotic. In fact, some say that the royalty were protected from the great plague because of the silver they consumed due to their utensils being made of silver.

Silver is an organic compound found naturally within the body and nature in small amounts. Colloidal silver is produced by suspending tiny nanoparticles of silver within a solution. Silver acts as a powerful broad-spectrum antimicrobial and it is thought to kill bacteria on contact. As part of the respiratory system, the nasal passages are your first line of defense against invading bacteria and viruses, and using silver as an antibacterial nasal spray can therefore be highly beneficial for protecting your body.

ACS 200 Extra Strength 1oz Nasal Spray

The ACS Extra Strength nasal spray was formulated to take advantage of the impressive qualities of colloidal silver to help support your immune system. It has an impressive 200 parts per million of silver to potentially fight the effects of viruses and bacteria.


Serving size: 1 spray per nostril
Serving size per container: Approx. 110

Amount Per Serving 280 mg

Proprietary Blend Tincture 28.3 g
Formula derived using a proprietary selective nutrient extraction process with Advanced Cellular Silver, Borage Leaf (borage offinalis), Chamomile Flower (anthemis nobile), Echipacea Herb (Echinea Purpurea), and Rose Hips (Rosa canina) in Sterile Water.

Dosage Guidelines:

Take 1 spray in each nostril

Inhale through nostril while spraying

Formula can be taken as often as desired