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100% Wild Oil of Oregano, OregaGels P73 60 softgels by Physician's Strength


OregaGels P73 60 softgels

You may know about the Mediterranean diet, but there are certain common ingredients in the Mediterranean diet that offer excellent health benefits. Oregano is a powerful herb that not only gives awesome flavor to foods but also contains a number of powerful health benefits. Olive oil is another common ingredient in the Mediterranean diet that offers some excellent health benefits.

Oregano is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb that helps to support and promote the immune system by reducing inflammation and by killing a variety of pathogens, including various forms of virus and bacteria. Olive oil offers benefits as an anti-inflammatory and the polyphenols in olive oil support the digestive system, they promote optimal bone health, and they support and promote optimal cognitive health.

The 100% Wild Oil of Oregano supplement from Physician's Strength offers you top quality oregano oil combined with the benefits of olive oil to help support and promote optimal health and wellbeing.

Olive Oil
Oregano oil


Directions: Take one or more capsules daily

Immune System Support P73

Wild Oregano Oil is a powerful natural germ-killer. It also boosts the immune system by increasing gamma interferon levels. It is made from the original wild, handpicked,