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Vitamins are organic compounds that are by definition not produced within the organism but which must come from diet or nutrition. Vitamins for different organisms or animals therefore differ depending on the particular animal or organism.

Vitamins are essential for the production of various components within the body. Vitamin deficiencies are responsible for, or have been found as the underlying causes for, a number of our modern lifestyle diseases.

A deficiency of vitamin D has been linked to rickets, a deficiency of vitamin C has been linked to scurvy amongst other conditions, and a deficiency of thiamine and niacin has been associated with beriberi and pellagra.

Some vitamins can be stored in the body mainly within the liver while other vitamins must be obtained on a regular basis through dietary sources. The problem with obtaining your vitamins from dietary sources is that our modern diet is not really geared towards ensuring we get sufficient vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Most modern, highly processed foods are in fact devoid of the nutritional elements that support our health and well-being. Cooking and manufacturing processes often destroy the nutrients and vitamins within the food.

A high quality vitamin supplement is therefore a great way to ensure you get the vitamins that are vital to your health and well-being on a daily basis without the aggravation of trying to plan a nutritionally balanced diet.