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Detoxification Benefits

Chlorophyll is often used to help control body, fecal, and urinary odor. It may also help to reduce odor related to halitosis (bad breath). The beneficial effect is largely due to chlorophyll’s internal cleansing and astringent qualities.

It may also favorably influence the microbiome and reduce the formation of odorous compounds. In constipated individuals, chlorophyll promotes regularity.

Antioxidant Benefits

Water-soluble chlorophyll has also shown a variety of antioxidants and protective measures in experimental studies. Water-soluble chlorophyll may also help improve white blood cell formation when it is impaired. 

Skin Benefits

Chlorophyll has become a popular “beauty from within” dietary supplement based upon many positive testimonials. It may be helpful indirectly by promoting intestinal cleansing, but it may also produce some direct effects on the skin as well. Topical preparations of a gel containing sodium copper chlorophyllin have shown it to produce positive clinical results in pilot studies in people with acne-prone skin with enlarged pores; people with rosacea and facial redness; and women with photodamaged facial skin.