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Myocalm Promotes Rest and Relaxation

Good health requires adequate rest. Hypertension, obesity, even some types of cancer have been linked to poor quality sleep. But to sleep well, you need a calm mind and a relaxed body, and the ingredients in Myocalm contribute to both in several ways.

Myocalm’s micronutrients, calcium and magnesium, support relaxation in musculoskeletal and nervous system function, and Myocalm’s botanicals, passionflower and valerian, reduce stress and anxiety to aid the body’s own sleep mechanisms.

The muscles need exercise to maintain optimal form and function but it is just as important to relax as it is to ensure you get enough exercise. Many of us go to the gym to support health, but very few people realize that supporting the body’s ability to relax is as important as ensuring you get enough exercise. Lack of sleep has been linked to depression, anxiety, loss of cognitive function, and even cancer. It is therefore vital to ensure your body has the chemical compounds necessary to ensure optimal rest and relaxation and to ensure you get sufficient sleep each night.

The Myocalm range of supplements helps to provide the compounds required to help to ensure optimal periods of relaxation to ensure the body gets sufficient relaxation and sleep to support health and to ensure a healthy balance.

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