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Lipid Supplements

Lipids and specifically phospholipids are a vital part of every cell membrane in your body. They are used to build and maintain healthy cell membranes within the body and they are therefore crucial elements of life itself. Cell membranes are responsible for life as we know it. Without cell membranes, plants, animals, and humans cannot exist. They are therefore a key ingredient for life.

Phospholipids are not only used in the production of cell membranes. They are also used during the energy making process. They aid in the blood clotting process and provide a source of protein for the neurotransmitter Ach. Phospholipids even play a role in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

Since phospholipids are essential for all life, it follows that they can be found in most plant and animal sources. However, the amount of phospholipids available to the body through the process of ingestion is very limited.

Our bodies create its own phospholipids but to produce phospholipids, the body needs to use its available resources. Since phospholipids are essential for every cell membrane of every cell we have, it takes a lot of resources to produce phospholipids.

A dietary supplement consisting of phospholipids therefore helps the body by providing the body with critical elements it needs to create new cells, tissues, and organs without placing strain on the available resources within the body. These resources can therefore be used for other processes like the creation of energy or the support of a healthy body.