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IP-6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate), often called vitamin B8 although it is not really a vitamin at all, is a carbohydrate type compound found in the cells of almost all plants and animals. The richest sources of IP6 include meat, grains, cereals, and legumes. Our bodies use glucose to produce IP-6 for our cells.

The functions of IP-6 are very varied and diverse. IP-6 plays a role in nerve signaling. It helps to maintain the cell membranes within the body. It plays a role in insulin signaling which in turn plays a role in our overall metabolism. IP-6 also plays role in the breakdown of fats within the body. It may even play a role in the immune system.

As a part of the vitamin B family, it is really no wonder that IP-6 can help to improve and promote strong nails and hair. IP-6 can help some diabetic patients with neuropathy and neuropathic pain because of its role in nerve signaling. IP-6 has been used to help lower cholesterol and promote heart health. Due to its role in the digestive system, IP-6 has been used to help treat and ease constipation. IP-6 has been used to help prevent and treat certain types of cancer.

Although the body manufactures its own source of IP-6, it takes resources to manufacture this compound. By investing in a high quality IP-6 supplement, you are actually helping the body with various functions and also providing the body with the extra resources it needs to stay healthy.