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Flavonoid Supplements

Flavonoids get their name from the Latin word flavus meaning yellow in color. Flavonoids are powerful antioxidants found in fruit such as grapefruit and other citrus fruits although they are not only found in yellow fruits, but they are also found in blueberries, black tea, and even dark chocolate.

Flavonoids can be divided into various different types and each sub-group has different functions in the body that are required to maintain and improve overall health and well-being.

Flavonoids are anti-allergenic and they help to protect us from allergy related disorders. They also have important functions as anti-inflammatories and can help the body speed the healing process as well as protecting us from conditions associated with chronic inflammation. These amazing nutrients are also antioxidants and they protect the various organs in the body from free radical damage. The advantages and functions of flavonoids do not stop there either. Flavonoids are powerful anti-microbial agents, they have antiviral properties and they even protect us from many forms of cancer and other chronic life-threatening conditions.

A lack of these important nutrients has been associated with chronic inflammation and cardiovascular disease. Chronic inflammation is often responsible for long-term health threatening diseases like arthritis, asthma, and certain life-threatening lung conditions.

Although flavonoids can be obtained from the dietary sources mentioned above, the amount of flavonoid available in the different fruits and foods, coupled with the fact that foods may vary in their flavonoid content, make it difficult to ensure you get sufficient nutrients. A flavonoid supplement makes it easy to ensure your body benefits from the amazing health properties of flavonoids.