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DHEA Supplements

DHEA (didehydroepiandrosterone) is an important steroid hormone that your body naturally produces in the adrenal glands, gonads and in parts of your brain. DHEA has a number of important biological functions and it is in fact the most abundant steroid in the human body.

DHEA is primarily known for the fact that it is used for the production of estrogen and androgen sex steroids. However, the functions of DHEA do not stop at the production of sex hormones. DHEA offers numerous other health benefits including the improvement of adrenal gland function, the support and strengthening of the immune system, the provision of more energy, the improvement of memory and even the improvement of muscle strength. DHEA has even been linked to improved memory and the treatment of depression.

If the body produces DHEA naturally, then why would you need a DHEA supplement? Well the truth is that the body does produce its own supply of DHEA, but the production of DHEA and the amounts available in the body decreases as we get older. This is partially why some scientists see the potential of DHEA as a possible solution as an anti-aging supplement.

To ensure your levels of DHEA remain at optimal levels, it is therefore important to select a high quality supplement that can increase the levels of DHEA as we age.