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Toothbrush Large Dog 1 Count by Woobamboo


Toothbrush Large Dog 1 Count

What is a pet? A family member. One's child. A companion. A hot-breath, panting machine of stink. It's not Spot's fault. You never brush his teeth! There's probably a multitude of reasons and I'm sure the word "gross" is at the top of that list, but it's necessary for a longer, healthier life of your furry buddy! Did you know that dogs can't lick between their teeth and lips? Dental problems cause other diseases which lead to high vet care costs or even death. Can you handle a little "gross" now? We made it simple: all natural bamboo handled toothbrushes for your large and small pets! Our large breed and small breed pet brushes are similar to our human brushes, but with some ergonomic and bristle changes, making brushing your companion easier. So while you brush your K-9's K-9s and they bite and play, they will be safe and have fun! We've even put a small hump on the back of the handle so you can get a good brushing grip. Eventually, pull out the recyclable the bristles and give your pet a toy! Now, go wash your hands, cowboy! Your dog wants your seat.

Natural, pet-safe bamboo handles
Coated with natural, nontoxic wax
Approved by veterinarians!
Packaged in recycled and recyclable material
Soy-based ink & post-consumer waste

Directions: Use to brush your pet's teeth.

Made from sustainable bamboo. Organically grown.

Warnings: Don't brush hard! This is universal - meaning this goes for all tooth brushers out there, not just those using WooBamboo. There's no need to punish your gums and your tooth enamel, and any dentist will tell you the same thing: Harder isn't better. Brushing softer will still clean plaque from your teeth and massage your gums, without irritating your sensitive tissue and cutting the lifespan from your bristles. All-in-all, a good strategy.