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Copper Supplements

When you think of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients we need to survive, then copper is seldom on the list of trace elements and yet copper is vital for every living organism, from plants to humans.

Your body needs copper to produce an assortment of proteins and enzymes, all of which are essential for life. From the day that we are conceived, to the day that we die, our bodies need copper to function, grow and produce energy.

Functions of copper in your body include the production and formation of red blood cells that allow us to transport oxygen around the body. Your body's ability to absorb and use iron depends on the amount of copper you have available. Copper plays a role in the metabolism of glucose and cholesterol. Copper is essential for the production of cellular energy, blood clotting, and it even plays an important role in the regulation of nerve transmission.

Copper deficiencies have been linked to osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, chronic heart conditions, arthritis, and other chronic life-threatening conditions. The alarming news is that it is estimated that about 25% of adults today are suffering from copper deficiencies, or do not get their daily copper requirements.

Copper is abundantly available in some seafood, organ meats like liver and in some whole grains and legumes, like beans and lentils. Whilst diet is a good way to ensure you get the copper your body needs, a high quality supplement offers you a way to ensure that the body always has sufficient copper to function at its best.