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Blue Poppy Classics

Blue Poppy Classics

Built on a tradition of more than 2000 years, Chinese Traditional medicine includes specific herbals, botanicals, diet, and lifestyle choices that can have huge benefits for the individuals who choose to add these systems to their daily lives. There are however some challenges with trying to incorporate the principles and ingredients into a western lifestyle. The biggest challenge is to navigate your way through the various Chinese herbs and botanicals successfully in order to get the most benefit from these products.

Blue Poppy Classics provide you with a range of Chinese traditional herbs and botanicals specifically designed to make supplementation with these beneficial herbs a simple experience. From Allerease to Ultimate Immortals, Blue Poppy Classics have a supplement for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Poppy Classics provides high-concentrate extracts of the same Blue Poppy formulas you know and love. More potent than other formulas, you can use fewer capsules to get the same benefits. CAMFormulas offers a variety of the most notable supplements from Blue Poppy Classics to help you stay healthy.

Why use Blue Poppy Classics?

Blue Poppy Classics natural supplements are high-concentrate extracts of Blue Poppy formulas. What sets them apart is that they’re stronger than other patent formulas. We offer 46 Blue Poppy Classics formulas that are primarily used in a clinical environment. Essentially, Blue Poppy Classics are the more powerful version of Blue Poppy Originals. However, they’re 10:1 concentrated extracts bottled with 120 capsules at 500 mg each. The most significant benefit is that you can use fewer capsules to yield desired results.

What kinds of ingredients do Blue Poppy Classics feature?

Blue Poppy Classics use a variety of different ingredients because each formula is created to meet a certain need. These 10:1 herbal extracts come in vegetable capsules that equal five grams of herbs.

All Blue Poppy Classics herbal ingredients are screened for quality by a Chinese herbal specialist and may be identified using TLC. All products are manufactured using hot water extraction and essential oil recapturing for maximum potency.

Before products are sold, they are third-party tested for pesticides, microbiological contaminants, and heavy metals.

Are Blue Poppy products high-quality?

All Blue Poppy Classics products are made with high-quality ingredients and extracted and tableted at a facility that meets FDA cGMP standards.

Which Blue Poppy Classics does CAMFormulas offer?

Add any one of our Blue Poppy Classics products to your supplement subscription. We offer:

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