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Bio Tech Pharmacal Supplements & Vitamins

How do you make a great vitamin supplement? The same way you make any great product: the best people, the best science, the best materials, and a commitment to quality from the product idea to production. All of this describes BioTech Pharmacal's philosophy to a tee.

BioTech Pharmacal combines cutting- edge science with the latest in manufacturing technology. They also work hard to build the kind of old-fashioned relationships with their suppliers that guarantee only the highest quality materials go into BioTech vitamins.

Pure Ingredients Make the Safest Products

BioTech maintains their dedication to quality all the way through the manufacturing process. That’s why BioTech vitamins contain only the purest, most bio-available products, without artificial coloring or flavoring, and with minimal “fillers.”

Even BioTech’s capsules are special. They eliminate the need for lubricants, binders, and coatings that many tablet manufacturers add. Use only the best stuff: that’s the BioTech creed.

BioTech goes to great lengths in its manufacturing process to protect the purity and integrity of your supplements. Vitamins are produced using processes certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and all meet FDA regulations. Moreover, the manufacturing is segregated and highly controlled in order to protect your safety.