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Livit 2 90 tablets by Ayush Herbs


Livit 2 90 tablets

Livit-2 is an ancient formula combining eighteen herbs, the synergistic effects of which make it unique for its liver-protective and detoxificant properties while nurturing and supporting the liver. Andrographis paniculata has traditionally been used as a tonic for liver and heart complaints. Berberis aristata is a bitter tonic to support liver and gastrointestinal function. Eclipta alba is known for its hepatoprotective, hair growth, and healthy melatonin production properties. Picrorhiza kurroa is known for its cholagogic and laxative properties, and Tinospora cordifolia for its support of healthy inflammatory within normal range responses and its immune-supportive properties.

Associated Body Systems
Skin, Hepatic, Neurological, Digestive, Cardiovascular, Metabolic, Immune, Female Reproductive, Musculoskeletal

Suggested Use:
1 tablet two (2) times a day or as directed by your physician

Extract of... Tinospora Cardifolia ...50mg Picrorhiza kurroa ...50mg Boerhavia Diffusa ...50mg

Consult your physician before using this or any other product.

Keep Away From Reach Of Children

Do Not use if the seal is broken.

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