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Fish Oil for Kids

Fish Oil for Kids

If you want to support your child’s ability to grow, learn, and develop, then you need to start early. Fish and the consumption of fatty fish is one of the most important nutrients for health, and studies show that in terms of growth and development, fatty fish and fish oil play a role in healthy development even before birth. In a study on fish oil, supplements that were taken during pregnancy improved the baby’s hand/eye co-ordination and boosted brain development after birth. Another study showed that women who took fish oil supplements starting at 24 weeks of pregnancy had children that had superior problem solving skills at nine months old. Adding fish oil to your child’s diet, and to your entire family’s daily menu, for that matter, is essential. Here are the top benefits for fish oil for children:
  1. Fish oil supports healthy brain development.
  2. Fish oil is vital for healthy mood regulation.
  3. Fish oil supports overall health.

Fish Oil for Brain Development

Your children’s brains are composed of up to 60% fat. Fat is a vital nutrient for supporting brain health; and, for children and babies, healthy fats play important roles in healthy brain development. Fat is so essential for brain function and structure, that it has gained a reputation as brain food. Fish oil contains 3 main ingredients, namely, EPA, DHA, and ALA. The DHA in fish oil is the vital component the brain needs to grow and develop. The central nervous system also relies on the provision of healthy fats like fish oil for efficient function. In fact, every cell in the body relies on healthy fats for fuel and to support the formation of healthy cell membranes. It is important to choose a source of fish oil that contains healthy levels of DHA and EPA for your children’s development. A new study recently found that DHA plays a pivotal role in the development of the brain and the central nervous system, and that a lack of DHA early in life can limit the number of neurons and other vital brain structures, thereby limiting cognitive development and cognitive function later in life. Supplements like the OmegaGenics DHA Children's Natural Tutti-Frutti Flavored gels offer you a simple and effective way of ensuring your children get sufficient DHA on a daily basis.

Fish Oils for Mood Regulation

Fish oils don’t only support your child’s physical brain development, but also contribute to mental and emotional development, too. Low levels of EPA have been linked to a higher incidence of depression. Growing up is hard enough without the deck stacked against you. Our children are under more pressure now than ever before: from social pressure to the pressure of modern life, more and more children are being diagnosed with behavioral issues like depression, ADHD, and ADD. Studies show that the consumption of fish oil by children with depression significantly improved their symptoms. Fish oil in the form of EPA has been linked to various cognitive and behavioral disorders in children. Healthy intake of fish oil and fatty fish has been linked to improvements in concentration and learning. Fatty fish and fish oil may be beneficial for children suffering from ADD and ADHD. EPA and DHA have been linked to certain cases of autism, and some studies show that the DHA in fish may benefit children with the condition.

Fish Oil for Overall Health

Fish oils don’t only support brain health and function, but affect almost every area of development and childhood health. Fish oil and the consumption of fish oils have been linked to a decrease in childhood obesity. In a study on obesity, BMI and fatty acids in the blood were linked to the degree of obesity. EPA regulates inflammation and the inflammatory pathways of the body. Asthma is closely linked to inflammation, so it should be no surprise that EPA supplementation has been shown to be beneficial in some cases of childhood asthma. Supplementation with omega 3 fatty acids has even been linked to a decreased risk for developing type I diabetes.

Finding the Right Fish Oil for Your Kids

As you can see, fish oil is vital from the time your child is conceived until the day they die. Knowing fish oils are essential is one thing, but getting your child to eat fatty fish three times a week can be an entirely different story. Luckily, there are now special fish oil supplements for children that make fish oil supplementation both fun and healthy for everyone. The Orange Flavored Carlson for Kids Fish Oil supplements are a great addition to your child’s nutritional support.
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