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Don’t Let Adrenal Fatigue Kill Your Career

Don’t Let Adrenal Fatigue Kill Your Career

Climbing the corporate ladder, forging a successful career, and making your own way in this world is stressful enough, without your own body undermining your chances of success. Chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, and burnout due to stress will severely affect your ability to maintain a successful healthy lifestyle, and, for most individuals, recognizing adrenal fatigue normally only happens once it’s already too late. The truth is that adrenal fatigue is not like an infection that takes hold overnight. Adrenal fatigue is a slow progression that occurs in your body. There are a number of warning signs you could look for before the symptoms become debilitating. Sadly, most executives are so focused on achieving their goals that they ignore many of the symptoms until the body puts on the brakes and grinds to a halt. To be successful in any career, you need to be energetic, passionate, focused, and have the ability to perform consistently. Adrenal fatigue affects each of these areas, hampering your efforts to succeed.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

The symptoms and warning signs of adrenal fatigue include:
  1. Finding it more and more difficult to get up each morning, irrespective of how much sleep you get.
  2. Experiencing high levels of fatigue each day, particularly in the afternoon.
  3. Brain fog.
  4. A weakened immune system and more allergies.
  5. Craving high sugar and salt foods, and the need to snack regularly.
  6. Experiencing trouble focusing, concentrating, and completing tasks.
When you read the list of warning signs, it is obvious why adrenal fatigue undermines your ability to succeed.

Natural Strategies to Prevent Adrenal Fatigue

There are two ways to approach adrenal fatigue:
  1. Learn to recognize the symptoms and take action when you see them.
  2. Take preventative measures to support adrenal function to avoid adrenal fatigue.
Part of being successful executive is being able to predict potential problems and taking action to prevent the problems before they occur. As an executive, whether you are a professional or an entrepreneur, you experience stress every day. There is no way you can avoid stress and still succeed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to mitigate the effects of that stress on your body. There are a number of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts that can help you to lessen the effects of stress on the body, allowing you to pursue your dreams without damaging your body. Here are some of the natural stress busters that you can add to your diet to support your body during prolonged periods of stress:


Astragalus is classified as an adaptogenic herb that has the ability to help combat fatigue and stress. Adaptogens are compounds that restore the balance to a particular system within the body to support health. In a clinical trial, Astragalus was found to offer benefits to help reduce fatigue in patients suffering from chronic fatigue. You are the only person who can gauge how much stress and pressure you are under right now. If you are experiencing prolonged levels of stress, then adding a supplement that contains Astragalus may give your body the support it needs to help it deal with the effects of stress.


Ginseng is another adaptogen that offers support during periods of stress. In a study on cancer-related fatigue, ginseng improved fatigue levels, it improved quality of life, and it improved sleep quality for the patients involved in the trial. When it comes to adaptogens, they really offer you the opportunity to take preventive action. Many of the adrenal fatigue supplements also combine various adaptogens to offer you a comprehensive supplement that you can use to help support your body during times of extreme stress.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another nutrient that you can use to support the body during periods of prolonged or increased stress. We all know that vitamin C is essential for health, but many people don’t realize that the adrenal glands contain the highest amounts of vitamin C. The adrenal glands need large amounts of vitamin C to produce the cortisol and adrenaline needed by the body. Adrenal fatigue therefore often results in a deficiency of vitamin C, and a deficiency of vitamin C increases your risks of developing adrenal fatigue. A good Vitamin C supplement can offer you a simple way to support the body during periods of extended stress.

Make the Executive Decision to Support Your Body

As an executive, you live by certain rules. You learn to support your team to make sure they perform at their best. You learn that you can’t take your team for granted. You learn to predict problems before they occur. Do not take your body for granted. Learn to support your body the same as you support your team. Invest in supplements that ensure your body can perform at peak levels, and learn to recognize potential problems before they occur.    
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