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40 Top Weight Loss Nutrients, Supplements, Vitamins, and Minerals

40 Top Weight Loss Nutrients, Supplements, Vitamins, and Minerals

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Let’s face it, when it comes to shedding a few pounds, any nutrient, supplement or vitamin that makes the process easier is worth its weight in gold. Here are 40 vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs, and spices that can support your effort to lose weight.

1. Chromium

bottle 1 Chromium is top of the list because you cannot lose weight without sufficient chromium in your body. The body needs chromium to regulate blood sugar levels and to support insulin function. Weight loss starts with these two factors, so make sure your diet contains the Chromium needed to support your weight loss efforts.

2. Vitamin B12

bottle 2 The most important factor for weight loss is energy. The lower your energy levels, the less calories you burn and the more weight you gain. High energy levels mean easy weight loss. The vitamin B group of vitamins helps your body to transform the nutrients you eat into the energy you need and B vitamins are therefore vital for supporting the energy production process in the body. If you are trying to lose weight, then make sure you get sufficient vitamin B to support high energy levels.

3. Vitamin C

bottle 3 Vitamin C is one of the most important antioxidants and it supports the energy cycles within the body. A recent study showed that vitamin C is inversely related to obesity. Vitamin C is vital for health and health is vital for losing weight. Invest in a good vitamin C supplement to ensure your body remains healthy.

4. Vitamin D

bottle 4 Your body produces vitamin D when you spend time in the sun, but modern life means we spend less time in the sun and more and more people are therefore suffering from vitamin D deficiencies. Vitamin D reduces inflammation, fights depression, and contributes to weight loss. Make sure you get sufficient vitamin D to ensure you get the most from your weight loss efforts.

5. Vitamin E

bottle 5 Vitamin E is one of the fat soluble vitamins that is vital for health. Vitamin E is needed to ensure the muscles contract and relax properly. If your weight loss plan includes exercise, which is of course vital for any good weight loss program, then you should make sure you get sufficient vitamin E to support your muscles.

6. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

bottle 6 Healthy nutrition is vital for supporting weight loss, and energy can be produced from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Fats are one of the healthiest forms of energy and essential fatty acids therefore provide a healthy energy source for the body. Studies show that omega 3 fatty acids promote weight loss. Ensure you get sufficient omega 3 to support health and to help you lose weight.

7. Calcium

bottle 7 Adding a glass of milk to your daily intake to support weight loss seems far too simple, but one study shows that calcium supplementation does actually support and improve weight loss. Calcium also plays a role in fat metabolism, so supplementing your calcium levels can be a boon for your weight loss efforts.

8. Magnesium

bottle 8 Magnesium is another compound that is vital for the production of energy. Magnesium supports healthy muscle function and is therefore vital for exercise. Studies show that a magnesium deficiency is linked to insulin resistance and obesity. Make sure you get sufficient magnesium to ensure healthy muscular and metabolic function.

9. Sulfur

bottle 9 Sulfur occurs in every cell in the body and is vital for health. Your body needs an abundance of sulfur to be able to produce insulin, and insulin is important for healthy energy production. Regulating insulin levels affects your risk of diabetes and affects your ability to lose weight. Make sure you get sufficient sulfur for weight loss and health.

10. Zinc

bottle 10 Zinc regulates how much fat you store. Zinc is essential for protein building and the more lean muscle mass you have the more calories you burn and the easier it is to lose weight. Beef up on your zinc to support lean muscle mass and reduce those pounds.

11. Iron

bottle 11 Iron affects your metabolic rate directly and it affects the amount of oxygen that can be transported to your cells for energy production. The more energy you can make, the more calories you burn and the more weight you lose. Make sure your iron levels remain healthy to support your weight loss efforts.

12. Sodium

bottle 12Salt has been relegated to the dietary devil for most people, but the truth is that sodium is vital for supporting health. Sodium regulates the fluid balance within your body and you need sodium to survive. Sodium also affects muscle function and too little sodium or potassium will result in muscle cramping. Sodium can help you lose weight and too little sodium may thwart your efforts, so ensure you get enough healthy sodium to support a healthy body.

13. Potassium

bottle 13Like sodium, potassium is vital for healthy muscle function and the more efficiently the muscles work, the easier weight loss can be. Potassium is important for building new muscles and for ensuring nervous system health. Athletes often use a potassium and magnesium supplement to ensure optimal performance. Keep your potassium levels high to support your weight loss efforts.

14. Selenium

bottle 14Selenium regulates thyroid function and the thyroid ultimately regulates metabolic rate. A healthy metabolic rate is essential for ensuring you lose weight. Supplement your selenium levels to support healthy metabolism.

15. L-Carnitine

bottle 15L-Carnitine transports fatty acids into the cells for energy conversion. L-Carnitine therefore burns fat and supports weight loss. L-Carnitine is also needed for producing new healthy muscles. Burn fat faster by ensuring your body has sufficient L-Carnitine.

16. L-Glutamine

bottle 16L-Glutamine is vital for muscle building, it slows muscle loss and may stop sugar cravings. The benefits of L-Glutamine read like the guide to weight loss, but L-Glutamine deserves the reputation as a weight loss aid. Make sure the proteins you eat are high in L-Glutamine to promote healthy weight loss.

17. Meltonin

bottle 17Sleep may seem less important when you are trying to lose weight but sleep is actually vital for supporting a healthy weight loss program. Good quality sleep is important for supporting high energy levels. Inadequate sleep leaves you feeling fatigued and you burn fewer calories, which results in weight gain. Healthy melatonin levels are essential for ensuring healthy sleep cycles.

18. Taurine

bottle 18Taurine is an amino acid. Taurine improves metabolic function, it may be responsible for giving you a boost of energy, and it may even help you burn fat faster. As an amino acid, taurine is found in high quality proteins, but you can also get additional taurine from a top quality taurine supplement.

19. CoQ10

bottle 19CoQ10 is a compound that your body produces and it plays an integral role in the energy production in each cell. Studies show CoQ10 levels decrease with age, and certain antidepressants and other medications can negatively affect CoQ10 levels. More energy means more weight loss, so be certain to support healthy CoQ10 levels to support your weight loss.

20. DMAE

bottle 20The benefits of DMAE sound like a dieter’s dream. DMAE may help to improve energy levels, it may be used to increase athletic performance and exercise, and it may cause weight loss. The benefits of DMAE come from the fact that DMAE is used to produce acetylcholine in the body. Increase your DMAE intake and you could be increasing your weight loss.

21. Coconut Oil

bottle 21Unlike most other fats, coconut oils are medium chain fatty acids. Coconut oil may boost metabolism by boosting ketone bodies. This oil may ensure your body burns more calories and it may curb appetite. Coconut oil may also help you to reduce abdominal fat. Coconut oil is a very healthy addition to your regular diet.

22. Fucoxanthin

bottle 22Fucoxanthin is a carotenoid found naturally in seaweed. Fucoxanthin may help to regulate blood sugar levels and this is vital for maintaining healthy weight loss, for ensuring energy, and for regulating appetite. Fucoxanthin may be useful for regulating insulin levels and it may help your body to burn more fat.

23. Resveratrol

bottle 23Widely known as the health ingredient in red wine, resveratrol is supposed to increase your energy levels. Resveratrol supports metabolic health, and it may affect how much fat the body burns. A good resveratrol supplement can help you add this vital antioxidant to your daily diet.

24. Fiber

bottle 24A healthy diet is the foundation of any weight loss plan and including healthy amounts of both soluble and insoluble fiber in the diet is essential for long-term health and weight loss. Fiber ensures healthy digestion, it fills you up, and it ensures that food makes its way through the digestive tract at an optimal rate.

25. Whey Protein

bottle 25Whey protein is one of the healthier forms of protein and it contains a comprehensive range of the amino acids that are vital for supporting weight loss. Proteins are needed for the formation of new muscle tissue and higher muscle mass means you burn more calories naturally, which encourages weight loss.

26. Olive Oil

bottle 26The benefits of olive oil are almost limitless but studies show that the inclusion of olive oil as part of a regular diet promotes weight loss. Even the smell of olive oil may leave you feeling fuller and eating less.

27. Garlic

bottle 27Garlic may not keep vampires at bay but it certainly makes a good addition to your supplements that support weight loss. Garlic boosts your metabolism and may therefore speed up your weight loss. Garlic may also help to regulate blood sugar levels and it may affect how much fat the body stores.

28. Asparagus

bottle 28Asparagus is perfect for a healthy diet due to its numerous health benefits. For weight loss, asparagus may help you to reduce bloating, it may also offer you some benefits in regulating your blood sugar levels, and it may help to curb appetite.

29. GLA

bottle 29Omega 6 fatty acids like GLA may help to curb appetite and they may also help you to get rid of fat faster. Some research shows that GLA may stop you from gaining weight after weight loss.

30. Glucomannan

bottle 30Glucomannan is actually a dietary fiber produced from the roots of certain plants. As a fiber, it supports weight loss by filling you up and reducing calorie intake. Glucomannan reduces the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars, and it may also help to regulate blood sugar levels.

31. Capsaicin

bottle 31Foods take energy to digest. When foods take more energy to digest than they actually provide the body, then they are called thermogenic. By eating these foods you burn more calories than you get from them and you therefore lose weight eating them. Capsaicin is thermogenic and therefore supports weight loss.

32. Chia

bottle 32Chia seeds are rich in the vitamins and minerals that help you lose weight. They can absorb 9 times their own weight in water so they keep you feeling fuller for longer. Chia seeds may also boost energy levels and it therefore supports exercise and weight loss.

33. Flaxseeds

bottle 33Flaxseeds are extremely high in omega 3 fatty acids and this is partially why they support weight loss. Foods rich in fiber like flaxseeds make you feel fuller for longer and support healthy digestion and absorption. Flaxseeds may help to control and regulate blood sugar levels to promote healthy appetite regulation.

34. Senna

bottle 34The main action of Senna is as a laxative. Although not a weight loss aid as such, if you are suffering from constipation, then the addition of Senna may help to ensure bowel movements remain regular as regular bowel movements are vital for healthy weight loss.

35. Green Tea

bottle 35Green tea extract and green tea is a fantastic addition to any weight loss plan. The beverage is full of healthy ingredients. It is low in calories and it also promotes weight loss. Green tea may encourage healthy fat burning and it can also help with blood sugar regulation.

36. Maitake Mushroom

bottle 36These delicious mushrooms don’t only look great on your plate but may actually help to regulate and reduce blood sugar levels and they may help to promote weight loss due to the beta-glucan compounds contained in the mushrooms.

37. Apple Cider Vinegar

bottle 37Apple cider vinegar makes a great addition to salads and salad dressings. This delicious condiment may help to regulate and reduce blood sugar levels. It may also curb appetite therefore it supports weight loss.

38. Ginger

bottle 38Ginger is an extremely healthy spice and it promotes weight loss too. Ginger is great for digestion, it regulates blood sugar levels, and it provides a boost of energy. Ginger may also be beneficial for reducing stress and this may help to reduce fat storage because stress promotes fat storage.

39. Cinnamon

bottle 39Cinnamon is so powerful at regulating blood sugar levels that it is now being tested as a therapy for certain types of diabetics. Healthy blood sugar levels mean a healthy appetite, less sugar cravings, and it is needed to support weight loss.

40. Licorice

bottle 40Eating licorice may reduce body fat mass. Licorice may also reduce fat thickness in the body. Licorice may be beneficial for regulating blood sugar levels and for reducing the cravings for sugary foods. bottom
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