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Best Supplements to Support Your Health in the New Year

Best Supplements to Support Your Health in the New Year

New Year is a time of change for most people. These changes occur on all levels; circumstances in our material lives may take a new course now, and we may be subject to more emotional and physiological changes, too.

This is partly down to seasons shifting; we can quickly get used to warmer temperatures and the benefits they bring, but it often takes more adjustment to cope with the challenges of colder weather, darker evenings, and perhaps more intense elements like snow and storms.

The external shifts promote the internal shifts, so it can be tempting to hide away, relax a lot more, and take some time out once the New Year comes around. This is especially so when we have been indulging in parties and celebrations, and excessively consuming heavy or unhealthy food and beverages.


New Year is known for being the time when we take stock of what we have done over the past year and make pacts with ourselves to do things differently and better. It is no surprise that the New Year period is when gyms are most crowded, overflowing with new members who have resolved to follow a healthy lifestyle. Detox packages are purchased, fasts are undertaken, and promises to improve ourselves are made across the board. We vow to go after careers we have always dreamed of, travel or migrate to new pastures—whatever it is that refreshes our perspective and gives us a renewed zest for life.

As always, we should consider that our bodies and minds are intrinsically linked. When we are not making the necessary changes—repairs even, at this time of year—within our bodies, we cannot expect to see too much improvement in our energy levels, motivation, or mental clarity.


Supplementation During the Winter Can Kick-Start Your New Year. Fatigue is a common issue during the New Year. We may be exhausted, and our bodies are going to let us know it’s time to stop, whether we have commitments or not. If you find you are feeling fatigued as the New Year rolls in, there are supplements that can help you get energized. Some of these may be:



Increasing your iron intake can be hugely beneficial. Your red blood cell count may be down, meaning there is less oxygen being transported around your body. With the necessary amount of oxygen missing, you’re going to feel it: lethargy and feelings of being run down are common, and you may find yourself becoming anemic.

What’s more, iron has been shown to boost your mental performance as well as your physical energy. Mental energy is something many of us rely on in the New Year to get our ideas flowing and to give us the clarity and motivation needed to get back to work!

flag-bullet-pointCo-enzyme Q10

Also known as CoQ10, this supplement is a useful guard against flagging energy levels. It aids your body in utilizing oxygen, which, in turn, boosts your energy levels.

CoQ10 is not quite considered a vitamin, but it does act similarly to one in that it can be found in all body cells. Your body does make CoQ10 naturally. Cells can utilize it in energy production, growth, and general cellular health.

CoQ10 has antioxidant properties. It prevents free radical damage from all those pre-New Year toxins floating around the body. Smoking (or passive smoking), alcohol, caffeine, painkillers, and other environmental influences can all add up to overload your body with toxins.

Co-enzyme Q10 is also great for heart health. A clinical study concluded that those who consumed a CoQ10 daily supplement in the first three days after a heart attack had a lesser chance of experiencing further heart attacks or chest pains. Their chances of death from heart disease were also diminished in comparison to those not taking CoQ10 supplements.

One thing is clear: you’ll be getting more than just an energetic lift from this supplement at any time of year.


You May Need Extra Immune Support. We all know what it is like to have a weakened immune system. This can happen for many reasons, but a hectic year and a party season can mean mental and physical stress. Both things can, in turn, lead to reduced immunity.


Nobody wants to have to brave a cold outside world to go and do our duties when we’re not feeling 100%. Supplementing some immune boosters can be the answer to this potential issue, and, as always: Prevention is better than cure.

Try out some of these immunity-enhancing supplements to get your New Year period off to the healthiest possible start:


Echinacea is a household name these days, and with good reason. This North American plant has many properties that benefit human health. It is found in many combination supplements, and you can get it in tablet or tincture form, depending on your preference.

It is both anti-viral and antibiotic, which gives you protection from both viruses and bacteria. Sometimes it is hard to know which one is causing your ill health, so echinacea is a good supplement to stock; it covers most eventualities.

Echinacea is also considered to be a blood purifier, thanks to its ability to promote more white blood cells in the fight against infection.



Selenium is another popular immune-booster. It is an antioxidant and considered to be one of the most essential minerals. It is even thought to provide protection from cancerous cells.

Another thing selenium is known to prevent is coronary heart disease. Like CoQ10, it boosts heart health as well as general immunity, making it a must-have supplement for your go-to supply.

Selenium is also anti-inflammatory, so will aid in infections you may have picked up over the New Year.

flag-bullet-pointVitamin A

We need to be on top of our vitamin intake all year around, but especially so in the colder or challenging periods. Supplementing a range of high-quality vitamins can give you that extra something to keep colds and flu at bay.


Vitamin A is a key player in your bone growth and regeneration, and it greatly benefits reproduction. In terms of immune-boosting qualities, it has a part to play in cell division and growth. Vitamin A is known for helping your skin, leaving it glowing and healthy-looking—something that is less easy to achieve in the winter months, especially after a little too much indulgence.

It might help to know vitamin A also helps your body to repair its damaged tissues, and it can also strengthen your eyesight, negating that New Year trip to the optician.

flag-bullet-pointVitamin C


We know you’ve heard of vitamin C—who hasn’t? Remembering to take it is another matter, however. Monitoring your intake can be one thing too many if you’re not clued in as to the nutritional content of your fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, the nutritional value can vary greatly dependent on the country of origin, the pesticide content, condition of the soil it was grown in, environmental pollutants it was subject to … and more, unfortunately.

One of the easiest ways to ensure a strengthened immune system is to supplement vitamin C. It is sensible to have a good vitamin C supplement handy all year round; one bout of stress alone can instantly use up 600mg of vitamin C stored in your body, leaving your reserves empty. If you’re feeling under the weather at the start of the New Year, vitamin C could be just what you need to protect you from any unexpected impact.


The Liver Can Often Do with a Helping Hand. At this time of the year, your liver is probably overworked. It has a lot to process even with a normal workload, so, when we start to pour in extra toxins in the build-up to the New Year period, your liver must prioritize the major tasks.

This can lead to what is known as a Herxheimer reaction, where the liver cannot manage the toxic load. So as not to become overwhelmed, it spills toxins back into the lymphatic system, where they are excreted from the body through the lymph and skin. This can mean pimples, swollen glands, and a general feeling of poor health. Not a great start to the year!

It is possible to give your liver a bit of a helping hand, though. There are several herbs that can act synergistically to provide support to the liver; they are well-known liver aids and, as such, can contribute to heightened immunity. They are:

flag-bullet-pointMilk Thistle


Milk thistle works by supporting your liver’s normal function. It is such a useful aid that is has been documented as assisting in the healing of all forms of liver disease, from cirrhosis to hepatitis, necrosis, and damage caused by substance abuse. The latter is probably great news for those who have over-indulged in alcohol over the celebratory period!

Milk thistle can inhibit the factors that cause damage to the liver. It is also capable of stimulating cellular production, thus renewing your liver’s cells and improving its overall function.

flag-bullet-pointDandelion Root

Dandelion is certainly not just a weed! It is a highly beneficial support to your liver, spleen, and pancreas. Considered to be both a pancreatic and kidney tonic, it can aid in the dissolution of bladder and kidney stones.

Dandelion root stimulates the liver and has demonstrated considerable assistance with illnesses such as anemia, jaundice, and hepatitis, as well as acne and other skin problems.


Artichoke is known for its ability to protect the liver from many different toxins and bodily invaders. That’s not all artichoke can do, though. In food form, it tastes great, but if you’re not getting enough of it in your diet, you can get your supply in supplement form.

Artichoke will lower blood cholesterol, as well as blood sugar, and is yet another powerful contributor to the cellular regeneration process of the liver.



Turmeric helps the whole body out; its active ingredient curcumin is thought to have anti-cancerous properties. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, promoting healing from all kinds of ailments and injuries.


When it comes to the liver, turmeric is a great help to the enzymes responsible for flushing out dietary toxins. In this way, it can help your liver protect itself from damage, and it promotes liver cell regeneration, too. Turmeric also plays an important part in the improvement of your gall bladder’s health.

You can give your body a timely and much-needed boost with a high-quality turmeric supplement at any time of the year.


What to Do When an Illness Has Already Taken Hold? It is easy to remember to stock up on your supplements once you have become ill. We put supplements and health foods on our to-do lists, but, sometimes, despite good intentions, we find ourselves trying to slam the stable door shut after the horse has bolted!

If you find your excesses have taken over, come the New Year, and you’re already feeling terrible just in time to go back to work, take heart; there are still many things you can do. Prevention is better than cure, but there are still plenty of options for picking yourself up when you’ve been knocked down by illness.

One of the most common New Year ailments is a cold or flu. If you come down with one of these, you can support your immune system’s healing process by taking a good supplement designed to help with such conditions.


Trying not to succumb to fatigue and all the mental challenges that come with physical illness is important. Your illness can be a strong motivational factor, and you can put a positive slant on it. Illness is your body’s way of educating you. If you’re ill, something is simply not right! Only you know the reasons for this, whether it is Christmas excess or a general lack of attention to your diet, exercise, or wellbeing.

You know that with a bit of effort you can quickly recover and be on the road to a healthier year than ever.

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